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Video Title: Wheels on the Bus Song, Nursery Rhymes for children , Songs for Children
Welcome to another children’s nursery rhyme collection! Our channel is where you’ll find the best nursery rhymes for babies and best songs for preschoolers to sing. Please enjoy & share our collection of free Children’s songs and educational songs for kids.

Musical Nursery rhymes are an important part of almost everyone’s childhood. These free children’s songs are excellent for getting your young child to start recognizing words and rhyming patterns. Music is often a great tool for improving a young child’s ability to speak. These nursery songs for kids are ideal for entertainment and will help you child learn on a subconscious level.

Our collection of nursery rhymes is also great if you’re waiting for the arrival of your unborn baby. You and your child can enjoy baby songs and rhymes before they even fully arrive!

Sing along nursery rhymes are perfect for engaging young children. You can use our channel to play kids song music at parties, if you’re babysitting, at family gatherings or any time there are lots of children around. Enjoy traditional English nursery rhymes from our channel with no hassle.

Bookmark this page for quick access to nursery school songs. We’ll keep you updated with all the classic songs for small children as well as some contemporary educational rhymes. Share this page with your friends and family!

Skip ahead to your favorite children’s nursery rhymes:

0:03 Wheels on the Bus
3:03 Mary Had a Little Lamb
5:20 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
7:50 Yankee Doodle
9:56 Jingle Bells
12:12 Three Little Fishes

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https://youtu.be/pJXXG6xoF_o The wheels on the bus
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