Disney Pixar Projectables LED Plugin Night Light – Toy Story – Buzz and the Gang

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Transform your room with Projectables and Pixars Toy Story! A small round globe uses LEDs to project your favorite Toy Story characters on a wall or ceiling. The projection night light makes it easy to see in the dark while on an adventure with Buzz and his friends! A green glow illuminates the globe, perfect for guiding you through the night. The Projection Night light is perfect for a child’s room.Toy Story Night Light Projects a 3FT image on a 8′-12′ high Ceiling, Wall or Floor — To Rotate Orientation of IMAGE – Invert Night Light in Outlet
Auto Light Sensing – Turns the Light ON at DUSK – OFF at DAWN
No Batteries Required – Plugs Directly into any Wall Outlet
Energy Efficient LED Bulbs – Saves Electricity Costs
Cool to the Touch – LED BULB will NOT get HOT – NO Need to Worry about Burning Hands on a HOT Light Bulb

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